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Size: 11 X 14

Hand carved linoleum relief printed on 245 gsm 100% rag arnhem warm white paper with deckled edge. 



  • My grandmother Victoria is from the Peruvian Sierra, also called the High Andean Region or Serranía referring to the mountainous and highland region of the country made up of the Andes mountain range. She grew up speaking only Quechua, a peruvian dialect, and lived a hardworking life of caring for animals, farming and harvesting. She moved to the capitol, Lima in her late teens and learned spanish, worked hard and raised seven kids on her own. I admire her resilience and am honored to have this courageous woman be a part of my heritage. 

    I made this linocut print as a tribute to her childhood spent in the mountains, and in honor of the gentle and wise work that the peruvian people of La Sierra do, which I am in awe of. 

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