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Gabriela Lucero Abbondanza

Peruvian Artist residing in Providence, Rhode Island

I'm Gabriela, the artist behind Lucero Collective.

Lucero is my middle name, and I've always had a special fondness for it as a result of it being the name my grandmother, Victoria, most often uses for me. 

Throughout my life art has played an essential role. It has been a source of relief, expression, and catharsis, in a way that has always seemed life saving.


My greatest form of inspiration comes from the essence of human emotion, and I strive to capture what that means to me in everything I create, and think about.

People, and the feeling of life itself is the thing I've constantly awed at... Smiles, tears, laughter, and the way every face holds an infinity of truth has stolen all my attention, and it is my fascination with this, that's pushed me to create and fall in love with various forms of art. 

At the core of my heart, writing and drawing have nuzzled into a corner, becoming my first true loves and permanent soulmates, but I also deeply enjoy mixed medias such as painting, block printing, and collage work. 

Behind any work I do, I aim to represent my perception of the human experience, which include my emotions, my culture, my faith, and my undying need to understand the complexities of feelings both in myself and in others. 

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